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How Unlicensed Consultants can ruin your Study Abroad Dream?

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How Unlicensed Consultants can ruin your Study Abroad Dream?

Many students dream of studying abroad in Canada, Australia, or other international countries. For this, they are looking for the best immigration consultants. As the immigration process is complex, many immigration experts assist in navigating you through the visa process. Unfortunately, many fail to do research and hire an unlicensed or fake immigration consultant. Whether they understand it, the applicant is taking a huge chance by hiring such consultants who will do not anything but ruin their study abroad dream.

People aspiring to move to abroad for their higher studies. It’s really worth noting that in the world of immigration scams, agents regularly target people by address their immigration needs, and spoil their dream. These unlicensed consultants most care about looting people’s money and possess their risk of reapplying after a rejection. In this article, we tell you the risks of hiring unlicensed consultants and help you get in touch with the Best Visa consultant in Ludhiana.

The good thing is that we have trusted immigration consultants as well. CSES Immigration Consultant is a Licensed Visa Consultant in Punjab who provides you with a study visa with a hassle-free process.

Why don’t you hire an unlicensed visa agent?

The Immigration Consultant Services has several strict measures to penalize unlicensed specialists. ICCRC punished the such unlicensed immigrations that fraud with people.

  • Being a victim of an immigration company can be emotionally and financially draining.
  • Choosing a fraud visa agent can ruin your goals as many people often promote their residences, spend all their savings, and even take loans to pay for it.
  • Be cautious of immigration consultants whom the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants does not license. Only a certified representative can come up with recommendations and assistance on Canadian immigration for a particular price.
  • Migrating to another country is a lifestyle-converting decision that includes a lot of documentation and information about manners.
  • Potential immigrants additionally have many questions, doubts, and dilemmas on their minds; therefore, hiring a certified representative who has the desired training to serve your needs is of utmost significance.
  • Unlicensed Study Visa Counselor does not have the education, skills, and moral requirements to seek advice from an immigration aspirant.
  • Hence, spending a touch time doing some heritage checks can prevent full-size fees and a mental toll.

Results after hiring an unlicensed immigration

Let’s overview a few results of taking the services of fraud visa agents

  • You will lose your cash for the services you had been promised but not received
  • An individual who hires an unlicensed representative can ruin their visa file, rendering them inadmissible to Canada.
  • You end up applying for a software you do not qualify for, ensuing in a refusal of application.
  • An unlicensed visa agent may additionally ask you to hide any essential records or lie in your application, forbidding you from entering Canada for 5 years.

It is always suggested to hire the Best Visa consultant in Ludhiana to get the best services and make your dream come true of study abroad.

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