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Unlocking Global Opportunities: Work Permit after Study, and Opportunities in Various Countries

Work Visa

A rising number of students are opting to study abroad at foreign universities and applying for a work visa after graduation. UNESCO data shows that applications to international universities have increased by almost 22%. As a result, it belongs to claim that this is an important step towards professional development. Numerous nations across the world have allowed students to remain and work since 2016. However, few of the nations continue to impose strict rules that prevent graduates from returning back to their home countries to continue their studies. The convenience of applying for a work visa after graduation is one of the main reasons students from other nations enrol to universities abroad. There are various nations where a student may continue their studies while returning home to obtain work experience. In compared to other countries, study abroad applications from Indian students are 80% greater in the United States; though, Australia and Canada are both emerging as popular destinations. This is so that they can offer immigration options based on the student’s degree level. Students can work either full-time or part-time while pursuing a postgraduate degree, depending on their qualifications. Learn more about the nations that grant work permits following study by scrolling on.

Countries that Grant Work Permits After Study

These are a few popular and well-known nations that grant overseas students employment permits completing their studies:


International students in Australia may work up to 20 hours per week during the school year and full-time during scheduled holidays. Graduates may be eligible for post-study work visas based on their degree of qualification.

Many international students in Australia work in hospitality and food services, as well as retail, administration support, teaching, customer service roles such as call centres, child care, and seasonal agriculture/farming.


Canada is well known for its kind approach toward foreign students. International students can work as many hours as they want in Canada at on-campus jobs as long as they have the necessary authorization on their visa. On the other hand, hours for off-campus work are limitations. Both paid and unpaid internships are very common in Canada. After finishing their studies, graduates from Canadian universities may be eligible for a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP), which would allow them to obtain work experience in Canada. Popular student jobs in Canada include working as a cashier, campus guide, tutor, bookstore employee, library or administrative office employee, retail employee, and bookstore attendant.


Germany is one of the most popular destinations for international students due to its welcoming and open regulations. International students may work part-time for up to 120 full days or 240 half days each year while pursuing their studies. There are options to stay and work in the country complying with graduation. In Germany, you can work both on and off campus, including internships. Apprenticeships are often paid if they last more than three months. A summer internship is an excellent way to supplement your income while away from school. Babysitting, tutoring, waiter or waitress, research assistant, and teaching assistant are some of the most popular employment for international students in Germany.

United Kingdom

When thinking about your academic path in the UK, it’s important to think about the exciting opportunities that come with work permits after graduation. Here is some information about the many chances that the United Kingdom provides for overseas students to further their careers after completing their studies. The UK launched the Graduate Route in July 2021, which permits foreign students to remain and work or seek for a job in the UK for a maximum of two years (three years for PhD graduates) after completing a qualifying course at the UK higher education institutions. This route offers an excellent chance to obtain valuable work experience in the UK employment market.

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