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Top Questions about Working as an International Student in Canada

Top Questions about Working as an International Student in Canada

A warm welcome for international students who want to work in Canada alongside students. It is a good opportunity to gain skills, experience, and connections.

If you want to know about working while studying in Canada, or if you are inquisitive about which choices are unrestricted for you after graduation. So don’t worry we have figured out some top questions for you about working in Canada as an International student. So let us go through some basic questions about working in Canada. 

Can International students work in Canada? 

Yes, international students can work along with their studies in Canada. It depends on whether you want to work out of campus or in the campus.  If you want to work on the campus check out the eligibility requirements for the government of Canada’s work on Campus as an International student. 

What are the eligibility requirements for working off-campus? 

There are a few points to work off campus as an International student in Canada.

You have to hold a valid study permit 

You should have authorization to work off-campus via your study permit 

You should be enrolled for at least 6 months in a degree, diploma, or certificate program 

You should be present full-time as a student.

Peculiarities to this are: 

If you are not a full-time student.

If you’re terminating the final term of your studies 

Possess a valid Social Insurance Number (SIN). 

What are the eligibility requirements for working on campus? 

You need to follow certain things to work on campus as an international student in Canada.

You should be a full-time student.

You should have a valid study permission.

You should have a valid Social Insurance Number (SIN). 

Is it hard to find a job as an international student in Canada? 

There are many ways you can find a job easily. 

Searching for a job as an international student needs study permission.

You should be aware of Canadian labour laws, and a willingness to commit to the job search.

There is an international student service, they will assist and guide you through the job search process, and therefore it will not be hard or overwhelming. Thus, keep your expectations positive and make sure your studies, It should be well-balanced. 


Can international students work more than 40 hours per week in Canada? 

You can’t surpass 20 hours of work per week while you are a student. But you should once check with your organisation for more details on current rules. 

What is the best place to study and work in Canada? 

The best places for international students in Canada to study and work are: 

Ontario – Here many international students want to work and study in Ontario. It is very well-known for its diversity. There are also beautiful sights and natural attractions in the province. 

British Columbia – Many international students prefer to work and study in British Columbia because of its beautiful atmosphere. It is one of the most popular cities in British Columbia for international students to work and study. 

Quebec – With the best education in IT field and get exposure of Canadian culture, with a very low-cost for living.

Alberta- It has nationally identified schools and world-famous natural parks. Alberta is an outstanding place to study and work.

Saskatchewan – Saskatchewan has one of the beautiful and top research universities in Canada. Consideration on your academic achievements you can apply for scholarships and awards upon admission.

Manitoba – University of Manitoba is a recognized university for higher education, which is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. After graduation you can apply for PR in Canada.

Nova Scotia – Compare to other major Canadian cities, Nova Scotia is cheaper. Accommodation cost is less than Halifax and city has good universities.

We are here for you to give answers to all your questions. We hope this blog post have helped you to find your answers. Here you can find enough information and queries about working as an international student in Canada. So if you are the one who looking for Best Visa Consultant for Canada in Ludhiana, you are at right place.

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